Libcom Internet Services
Due to major issues our servers went offline as of the morning of April 14, 2016
We restored Internet access to our dialup customers by later that day, however we are still working to restore full email service.
Email service can now be accessed on the Web by entering: into the address box of your browser

or Click Here for Webmail
Enter your User name (your Libcom email address) and Password at the login screen
You can send and receive mail from this page, however we have been unable to recover previous emails
While we recommend using Webmail, if you have been using an email program (client) such as Outlook Express (for example)
and wish to continue using it, use these server settings:

Incoming mail:

Outgoing mail:

Account name - (use your complete Libcom email address):

"Logon using secure password authentication" is NOT checked

"My server requires authentication" IS checked

select "Use same settings as my incoming mail server"
UPDATE 4/25/2016: We are unable to recover email received or stored prior to the problem on April 14th.

I'd like to extend my personal apologies for all of this, we had no warning this was going to happen.
With the exception of email prior to April 14th, service has been fully restored.
However I'm sure there are/will be a few issues that will show up duirng the next few days and weeks
so I thank you all for your patience -- Stu - Libcom Support

Libcom Mailing Address
P.O Box 16128
Pittsburgh, PA 15242