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- Pittsburgh's Original Internet Service Provider -

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Libcom is a Pittsburgh based company and is owned and operated entirely by Pittsburghers . . .

. . . That is its owned and operated entirely by 'Senior' Pittsburghers

Computers play a major role in today's high-tech world
However Seniors came to computers relatively late in life and will always see them as a "new technology"
While there are many Seniors who are comfortable using computers every day
its safe to say there are likely to be even more who are "mystified" by them

A relatively high percentage of Seniors only want to have Email and occassionally visit a website

But with many Seniors on a fixed income it makes it hard to justify paying $60 (or more) a month
for Internet access they don't use that often
And for some, the high cost puts Internet access totally out of reach

As Seniors, we understand and have decided to offer our already low cost service at a Special Senior Rate.

Starting June 1st Senior Citizens are eligible for a 10% reduction in price
This means 6 months of service regularly costing $59.70 ($9.95 x 6 months)
will now cost only $53.75 !

and here's the fine print:
This offer is available to anyone 62 years of age or older
It requires signing up for 6 months of "Full Membership" service and paying in advance
The Senior Special price of $53.75 can be paid by credit card or check/money order and is non-refundable

The bottom line is:
Seniors are eligible for a 10% discount by signing up and paying $53.75 for 6 months of service in advance

Please Email: sales@libcom.com if you wish to signup or have any questions

Call: 412-446-2810 or toll free at: 1-866-3LIBCOM (1-866-354-2266) - M-F 10AM-5PM; Sat 10AM-Noon
Email: sales@libcom.com for signup & acct info   or support@libcom.com for Tech Support