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- Pittsburgh's Original Internet Service Provider -

Why Use Libcom?

Libcom began offering Internet access in 1996 and has continued to provide service ever since.

A Pittsburgh based company that is owned and operated entirely by Pittsburghers
we are one of the few remaining independent Internet Service Providers .

Libcom offers 56K dial-up Internet access and full Email service
making it possible to have the Internet and Email for less than $10 a month
Service is provided month-to-month so there are no long-term contracts and no hidden fees or penalties.

Libcom is a small company so our members have an email address that is not often seen
Our subscribers can usually get a personalized email address using a name not available from other Internet Providers.
For example, addresses such as: bob@libcom.com or george@libcom.com or john.smith@libcom.com
and many more sought after names are all currently available as Libcom email addresses.

Internet access and email for under $10 + dealing with local people and a local company
If that appeals to you, please give Libcom a try

Call: 412-446-2810 or toll free at: 1-866-3LIBCOM (1-866-354-2266) - M-F 10AM-5PM; Sat 10AM-Noon
Email: sales@libcom.com for signup & acct info   or support@libcom.com for Tech Support

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